NUN Digital Schools continue!

NUN Digital Schools, which has been carried out under the guidance of successful experts worldwide, continue!

With the lessons provided, our participants will discover their interests and skills, and gain awareness in their academic and social lives. They will get to create module packages according to their professional development needs.

Those who will go to college in the coming years will have the chance to shape their future decisions better and make their higher education choices more consciously, as they will have experience in undergraduate courses.

Our programs will take place in the evening hours of the school terms.  

We would also like to share some detailed information about the programs;

  1. If the module language is English, the participant must meet the language proficiency requirements (upper-intermediate/advanced).
  2. Modules will be held in two separate sessions for boys and girls.
  3. Modules will take place on Zoom and be recorded.
  4. Our participants will be entitled to receive an e-certificate from each module they participate in, provided that they satisfy the following conditions:
    • The participant must attend and be present throughout the module (attendance will be taken during the lesson).
    • The participant must log in to Zoom with their full name.
    • The participant must be present and keep their camera on throughout the program. In cases where the camera is not turned on, NUN Schools has the right to remove the participant from the program under our Child Protection Policy.
    • The participant must comply with the broadcasting rules.

Participants will be able to purchase the modules they want for 200₺ on our website.

You can find detailed information about the courses here. You can also contact us at [email protected] or [email protected].

Shaped around various themes and realized with 1738 students in the past years, there is significant interest in our program. 

You can find the current calendar here.

We look forward to your applications to NUN Digital Schools.