About NUN Schools Camps

The Mission of Our Camps

NUN Camps help students obtain life skills by observing, experimenting, and experiencing in-campus activities. Although the students appreciate the spirit of NUN Schools for a limited period, they make lifelong friendships and enjoy our fun-filled activities to the fullest.

With NUN Camps, students can improve their knowledge in building friendship, teamwork, empathy, respect, trust, fairness, and competition while developing their critical thinking, time management, and creative problem-solving skills.

We offer students an abundance of choices in various subjects, from which they may choose according to their interests.

About NUN Schools Camps

With NUN Camps, we offer students a chance to discover themselves by connecting with nature, making new friendships, developing their language skills, and living in a multicultural environment.

In our summer and winter camps, held at NUN Schools Beykoz Campus, we implement activities focused on "sustainable living," "life skills development," and "development of social leadership skills" amid nature. As a result, the students can experience the excitement of seeking new information in the air, water, earth, and forests.

Students gain many skills in the camps, such as cooperation, competition, empathy, respect, trust, compassion, fairness, endurance, critical thinking, time management, and creative problem-solving.

NUN camps enable students aged 6-10 to connect with nature. The natural sciences course helps students see the balance in nature while increasing their knowledge of its components. Every student understands the crucial global issues such as "protecting the environment" and "the effective and sustainable use of natural resources" by learning about them on-site and with examples.

On the other hand, we work with students aged 11-14 to alter their current knowledge and skills into scientific activities. Through these activities, students will acquire their cognitive, sensory, and psychomotor developments by "doing living" and not by verbal or visual transfers.

In addition, we organize NUN Digital Schools with programs consisting of different field modules.  In the programs, each course comprises a module, and each module contains another branch.

We offer a variety of courses ranging from sustainable life technology to science to sports, with programs that focus on developing various skills simultaneously with different modules. Students may choose modules according to their interests. Students participating in the program receive their certificates at the end of the courses.

With NUN Camps, we aim to support students' personal development regarding their interests and help them discover their skills. At the same time, we aim to provide information about which university courses will suit the students to make a conscious choice.