2022 NUN Digital Schools' January – February Session is Over!

NUN Schools has completed the "Digital Schools" implemented during the semester break, allowing students to experience undergraduate courses aligned with their interests and learn about different fields.


At NUN Digital Schools, 255 students from different schools at secondary, high school, and university levels met with 14 successful academics and business people worldwide.


Our Educators

Betül Tonbuloğlu

Faculty Member at Yildiz Technical University

Elif Damla Arısan

Professor at Gebze Technical University and Co-founder of DAP Genomics

Leo Thompson

International Education Consultant at CIS (Council of International Schools)

Melih Tuğtağ

Cezve Publishing Group Editor-in-Chief

Nihal Fırat Özdemir

Faculty Member of Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University

Sara Elif Tüfekçi

Graduate Teaching Associate at San Diego State University

Suzanne Tomlinson

Independent International Educator and IB, PYP Workshop Leader

Yusuf İkbal Oldaç

Hong Kong Research Grants Council Fellow Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jonnie Noakes

Director of Teaching and Learning and of Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning at Eton College

Iro Konstantinou

Head of Research at Eton College

Sümeyra Dursun

Doctoral Student at Yildiz Technical University

Nadine Kamal

Science Educator, Writer and Certified Trauma and Resilience Practitioner

Erıc Broug

Architect, Author

Ssnehnil Ghosh

Student at Eton College


2021 NUN Digital Summer School is over!

We have completed our "Digital Summer School," organized to provide middle and high school students with the opportunity to increase their knowledge and competencies, prepare for university, and gain the necessary qualifications for the 21st century. It was completed with students taking 32 different courses under the guidance of valuable experts.

At NUN Digital Summer School, 827 students from different schools met with 21 successful academics from Turkey and abroad.

Our Digital Summer School Educators

Assoc. Prof. Mahmut Kelpetin


Faculty Member

Marmara University

Being a Leader: The Prophet, Abu Bakr and Omar

Assoc. Prof. Serap Acar-Derman

Faculty Member

Yıldız Technical University

The Adventure of Vaccines

Assist. Prof.  Süleyman Gündüz


A Day with Alija

Assist. Prof. Ertuğrul İsmail Ökten

Assistant Professor

29 Mayıs University

Understanding the Spirit of Jerusalem 

Assist. Prof. Hüseyin Şen

Assistant Professor

Utrecht University

The Golden Age: Islam, Science and Technology

Assist. Prof. Melike Günyüz

Assistant Professor

İbn Haldun University

Introduction to Editorship

Assist. Prof. Tuba Erkoç Baydar

Assistant Professor

İbn Haldun University

Human Rights: Past to Present 

Eric Broug

Author, Artist

Islamic Geometric Design as a Visual Language

Esra Yılgın

Turkish Language and Literature & Psychology Student
 29 Mayıs University

 Modern Traveler

Furkan Kasap

 Industrial Product Design Student 

Mimar Sinan University

Designing the Future: Dream to Reality 

Gökhan Dinç

General Manager

Force & Brothers Consultancy

Re-discovering Goodness: Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hüsna Hamiyet Bayram

Board Member


A Day with Malcolm X 

Kenan Kıran

News Coordinator

 Sabah Newspaper

Media, New Media and Perception

Melih Tuğtağ

Executive Director

Cezve Media Group

Writing Children's Literature 

Mennan Şahin

Presenter, Speaker


Diction and Rhetoric Education 

Miraç Yıldırım (Nun)


NUN Schools

Barrier-Free Communication: Sign Language 

Mohammad Yousef Zadeh


Sabahattin Zaim University

The Birth of Quantum Mechanics in the Journey of Understanding the Universe 

Sara Tüfekçi

Teaching Associate

San Diego State University

Creative Innovative Writing

Zafer Demirkol


Yeditepe University

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe? 

Peter Young

PhD Student

Oxford University

Ethical Issues Within Genomic Medicine

Dr. Fatma Büşra Işık

PhD Student

Nottingham University

Introduction to Moleculear Biology and Genetics

Saliha Büşra Selman-Adıyaman

PhD Student

 Wisconsin-Madison University

Introduction to Developmental Psychology

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Adnan Saraçoğlu

Professor, biologist, Health and Food Policies Comittee Member

Treatment with Plants: Treasures of Nature

Prof. Dr. Recep Şentürk

Faculty Member

İbn Haldun University

The Constitution of Youth: Futuwwa 

Sena Namlu

Turkey Ambassador

Girls 20

How To Be a Global Leader? 

Şule Meral

Teacher & Photographer

Practical Flavours of the Ottoman Cuisine: An Artistic Approach 

Tuba Erdebir Durgut


GNAT Health, Family, Labour and Social Affairs Commission 

Let's Campaign Together: A Step by Step Guide to Improve Public Health 

Yıldız Kulkul

Educator, Philosopher, Author

Philosophy for Children 

Zeliha Nur Baştuğ

Food Engineer and Founder of Reyya Botanicals 

An Entrepreneur's Adventure in Digital Marketing

Zeliha Nur Baştuğ

Food Engineer and Founder of Reyya Botanicals 

The Mystery of Fragrance: Past to Present




NUN 2020 Digital Winter School is over!

We completed the "Digital Winter School" program, the second of which was implemented during the semester break. Our schedule allowed students to experience undergraduate courses aligned with their interests and get acquainted with different fields.

At NUN Digital Winter School, 527 students from different secondary and high schools met with 21 successful academics from Turkey and abroad.

Students created their programs by choosing the courses they needed for personal development from 5 modules and 20 branches.

A total of 56 hours of online classes were held, with successful names such as Dr. Ahsen Utku from Northeastern University, İbrahim Abdul-Matin, known for his international environmental studies, as well as Dr. Fatih Dikmen and Dr Ertuğrul Ökten.

Our Digital Winter School Educators

Ahsen Utku  Lecturer at Northeastern University
Ayşe Seyyide Kaptaner Demirhan Social entrepreneur and PhD student at Londra Birbeck University
Ayşegül İlhan-Mutlu Oncologist and research assistant at Vienna Medical University
Cem Demiroğlu

Professor at Koç University 

Ertuğrul İsmail Ökten Faculty member at 29 Mayıs University
Fatih Dikmen Faculty member at Istanbul University
Gözde Durmuş Assistant Professor at Stanford University
Hüseyin Abdik Head of Biology and Genetics at Istanbul Zaim University
İbrahim Abdul-Matin  Partner at Green Squash Consultancy
İclal Dağcı Student
Nana Firman Ambassador at Green Faith Speaker
Nur Sevencan Yıldız Technopark Entrepreneurship and Incubation specialist 
Ömer Faruk Boyacı Industrial designer at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
Seçil Şatır Faculty member at MSFAU, Kassel University, ITU, FSM University
Şebnem Tuğçe Pala Energy Politics Director of Reef Technology Company 
Tricia Lynn Lois Larose Faculty member at Norway and International Space University 
Tuğçe Ayvalı Chemist and post-doctoral researcher at Oxford University
Yousif Almasri Program assistant at UNICEF



2020 NUN Digital Summer School courses are over!

With the Digital Summer School program we launched in July, young people had the chance to experience the future today.

In the digital program attended by 260 students from many different schools at the high school level, students chose the courses they needed for their personal development from 17 other branches. In addition, they got to experience undergraduate education introductory courses. With this opportunity, while preparing for life and undergraduate education, they also got the chance to discover their talents and meet new people.

Eighteen different instructors from world-renowned universities and institutions, such as Ahsen Tutku, ETI founder Sara Minkara, Ali Saydam, and Mennan Şahin, held 63 hours of online classes.

Chief Çiğdem Seferoğlu, one of our educators, said, "It was a pleasure for me to be an exemplary role model for students and to be able to convey the value of giving importance to the mission of the profession rather than its difficulties. Thank you very much."

Dr Furkan Eris said, "Thank you for including me in the program. The enthusiasm of the young people made me very happy. I saw that the younger generation is going to perfect places."

NUN Schools Board Member Prof. Tamer Yılmaz said, "With the digital summer school program we created, we wanted to support students in their personal development, to help them discover their skills and capacities, and to better shape their future decisions. Therefore, we tried to include every branch you can think of, from artificial intelligence to genetics, leadership, gastronomy, and communication. Thus, students gained a unique experience by getting answers to all the questions they were curious about during the lessons from the first and most equipped sources."


2020 Digital Summer School Educators

  • Gülnur Aybet
  • Ali Saydam
  • Özge Hacıfazlıoğlu
  • Polen Koçak
  • Anıl Demirçalı
  • Çiğdem Seferoğlu
  • Enes Oruç
  • Mennan Şahin
  • Mehmet Dinç
  • Mehmet Güllüoğlu
  • Rengin Küçükerdoğan
  • Yelda Yanat Bağcı
  • Feyza Doyran
  • Hüseyin Şen
  • Furkan Eris
  • Burak Aksar
  • Sara Minkara
  • Ahsen Utku




Digital Leadership Program is over!

The Digital Leadership Program, organized by the UK-based Sycamore Foundation, provided students with management content on science and technology, culture and art, media and politics, business, leadership ideas and counseling, sports, health and welfare awareness.


The Digital Leadership Program run by the Sycamore Foundation took place online from 24-28 August 2020. The program consisted of interactive mentoring workshops and events focused on making learning enjoyable and connected.

The program themes were created by selecting ideas that represent the broadest range of learning experiences for students. In addition, the program practitioners aimed to convey the issues that play an essential role in shaping the contemporary world in connection with the functioning of daily life, other cultures, and societies.



Digital Arabic Summer School is over.

The Digital Arabic Summer School was launched in cooperation with NUN Schools and The Modern Language Center, the oldest language institute in Jordan, Amman, and has achieved accreditation by Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments.


The 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grades attended the Digital Arabic Summer School Preparation, which took place between 17 July and 20 August. The Lessons, planned for a maximum of 18 people, were held for six weeks, three days a week, 2 hours a day, for 36 hours via the online platform.