NUN Winter Camp, comprising various culture, art, and sports branches for primary and middle school students, will be held between January 22nd – January 28th, 2024!

Winter Camp is a one-week program with rich content where our students can spend their semester break more interactive and productive.

Our camp is designed with diverse lessons for primary and middle school students. Our workshops offer various areas to help students develop their skills in our camp program. We will explore nature by setting up camps and going on a journey of discovery without listening to rain and mud; students will connect with Istanbul more closely through our coastal bicycle tour with storytelling.

The camp program not only allows students to make new friends, but they will discover their hidden talents and explore a love of learning in a lively and engaging environment.

NUN Camps are for you to experience an unforgettable journey of discovery, creativity, and endless fun this winter!

At our Beykoz Campus, we continue to implement our activities focused on "sustainable living," "life skills development," and "social leadership skills development" in touch with nature. Students develop friendship, camaraderie, cooperation, teamwork, competition, empathy, respect, trust, compassion, fairness, resilience, critical thinking, time management, and creative problem-solving skills with NUN Camps. The spirit of NUN Camps is "love, respect, justice, mercy, compassion, decency, responsibility," which are also the values of our school. We care about the well-being of our children and believe that it is our responsibility as a community to ensure that they continue their lives in a safe learning environment.

Our campers will discover and develop their physical skills and abilities through sports while at the same time having a pleasant winter camp experience intertwined with nature and culture, art, and sports excursions.

This program is designed for primary and middle school students. The demand for our program, which we have completed in the last couple of years, is relatively high this year. We have a limit on how many participants can join our programs this year. For this reason, our participants who apply early are prioritized.  

Participants who want to apply for the programs can add the program package they request as a member at https://www.nunkamplari.com/, and after they add the program package to the cart, they must pay by credit card.  

Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law, participants must create a membership on the website on behalf of each individual. (Users who want to register more than one student must make an extra membership.)

The Services included in the package are:

  • All Sports, Activities, and Excursion Programs
  • Lunch
  • Snacks
  • Program Certificate
  • Shuttle/Transportation for Primary and Middle School Excursion Programs

Shuttle / Transportation - Participants will come to the school by their means and be picked up by their families at the end of the program.

Detailed information will be shared with the participants who purchase the program package.

The NUN Foundation for Education and Culture reserves the right to change and revise the program schedule and course contents according to the number of participants. Our participants accept any changes in the program content in advance. 

As NUN Foundation for Education and Culture, we are committed to ensuring the well-being and safety of the participants through our Child Protection Policy. We take an active role and act with determination in implementing preventive and protective initiatives to ensure that participants are not exposed to possible harm and risks in a healthy and happy environment.

Dear Parents, Due to our Child Protection and Safety Policy, we appreciate your consideration for not staying on campus during our winter camp program and only taking photos of your student.

Please don’t hesitate to send your questions about NUN Winter Camp via e-mail. We look forward to receiving applications from our participants and thank you for your continued interest in NUN Schools’ Winter Camp.


Sincerely yours,

NUN Camps