13-24 July 2020 "NUN Summer Camps" applications are open.

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15 - 21 January 2021 "NUN Winter Camps" preliminary applications are open.

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Mission of Our Camps

As NUN Schools, we organize our camps with the concept of sustainable life. Our aim is to enable our children to acquire life skills through their personal experiences. We aim to improve the life skills of our children in the compelling weather conditions, letting them listen the nature in the warmest days of the summer or the cold winter days.

In this process where we develop our communication skills, we will develop various values such as friendship, cooperation, teamwork, rivalry, empathy, respect, trust, compassion, justice, resilience, critical thinking, time management, creative problem solving, analysis skills etc.

With the participation of foreign students, we aim to ensure that the language of communication is English for the development of English language skills.

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