Who can apply?

Everyone aged 13 and above can apply to the online program. If the selected program language is English, the participant must meet the language proficiency requirements at the upper-intermediate/advanced level. Our participants will be entitled to receive a certificate from each training module they participate in.

How can I apply?

Applications to NUN Digital School programs are made online through the website.

First, please select the relevant module, and after you add it to your cart, please pay via credit card.

Which courses are offered?

Please click on the link below for NUN Digital School lessons.



When should I apply?

The application deadline is one week before the program's starting date. The program is divided into two groups: female and male students. You can access the current calendar from the relevant program page.

How can I enter the course?

The live broadcast link of the "NUN Digital School" program, which will be organized through the Zoom program, will be sent to the e-mail addresses of our users who purchased modules from our website. Before participating in the live broadcast, download the Zoom program from here on your smart tablet, phone, or computer and become a member.

Can I get information about fees?

By adding it to your cart, you can pay with your credit card.

What should I do for a refund?

The deadline for withdrawal from participation in NUN Digital School programs is one week before the program's start. No refunds will be made for cancellations made after the specified date.

What is the language of instruction?

The NUN Digital School language of instruction is taught in both Turkish and English, but it depends on the modules.

I registered for the program, but could not attend the course. Can I get my certificate?

You must attend the courses you have registered for. A student who does not follow the system loses the right to receive a certificate for the relevant period.

I missed the live lesson. Will I be able to watch the lesson recording?

No, the program link is not shared after the live lesson. All videos in NUN Digital School are original content protected by copyright laws. It is forbidden to download videos not to be shared externally on other platforms. Videos cannot be used for commercial purposes.


For your other questions; You can send an e-mail to [email protected] 

1. What should students bring with them while coming to the camp?

Our students must bring a backpack, an extra T-shirt, a pair of sweatpants and a water bottle. Due to our zero waste policy, we do not use plastic or cardboard cups or bottles. Our students can fill their water bottles from our fountains.

Students must bring their swimwear, cap, towel, spare clothes, and slippers during swimming lessons. For our outdoor activities, we care that our students get their hats, glasses, and sunscreens for their health.

2. Do you have a shuttle service on camping days?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a shuttle service. 

3. Can families transport students to the campsite?
Yes. Our students can bring their parents to our campsite. They can pick them up.

4. Can families wait at school during the camp?
No. During the camp hours, our parents are not allowed to stay within the school boundaries.

5. Is the meal fee included in the camp fee?
Yes. The meal fee is included in the camp fee.

6. Will students be served breakfast on camp days?
No. We expect our students to have their breakfast at home and come.

7. Are students given snacks during breaks in the camp program?

Yes. As stated in the camp program, snacks are offered to our students in the afternoon.

8. Is there a refund if the students do not want to continue the camp?
No. No refund will be made if our students do not wish to continue for any reason after the camp starts.

9. Is it possible to choose according to the camp schedule and pay the fee for the day the student joins?
No. It is not possible to choose according to the camp program. The fee for the camp program has been determined by considering it as a whole. No refund will be made for the day of non-participation.

10. Is there an installment option in the payment plan?
Yes. The fee for the camp program can be paid in installments.

11. Is it possible to pay for the camp program in cash?
Yes. The camp program fee can be paid in cash.

For your other questions; You can send an e-mail to [email protected]