Courses in digital and physical summer school programs were completed.

At NUN Digital Summer School, which offered middle and high school students the opportunity to get to know different fields, students created their own summer school schedules by choosing from 35 different modules such as science, gastronomy, entrepreneurship and communication.

Health and Food Policy Board Member Prof. İbrahim Saraçoğlu, TRT Radio Presenter Mennan Şahin and Oxford University Doctorate Member Peter Young were among the trainer staff of the program, in which students from different schools participated. 

With the Sports and Art School, students had an enjoyable and productive camp experience.

The Sports and Art School, which was held in NUN Schools Beykoz Campus for primary and middle school students who wanted to spend their summer vacation socializing with physical activities, received great attention from students and parents.

During the 2-week program, which took place with the participation of 64 students from many different schools, the students, who experienced sports branches such as swimming, tennis, taekwondo, pilates, athletics, and archery, also discovered their talents with the art workshops they attended. International students from different countries such as Algeria, Yemen, Iraq and Tajikistan also participated in the summer camp program, which has been a compensation for students who spent the pandemic process with distance education.

In NUN Camps, it was aimed that students gain life skills by seeing and experiencing by themselves. Students who participated in NUN camps by applying from various schools had the opportunity to experience the spirit of NUN Schools, even for a short time. They left NUN Camps happily which offered the opportunity to develop skills such as friendship, cooperation, teamwork, competition, empathy, respect and trust, compassion, fairness, resistance, critical thinking, time management, problem solving, and analysis.

In the NUN Digital Summer School program, which is one of the pillars of NUN Camps and organized for middle and high school students, students met with instructors who are competent in their fields. This program, which we aim to support students' personal development, to help them discover their own skills and capacities, and to better shape their future decisions for students who will choose an undergraduate degree, has brought new perspectives to students with a rich content.