Microfinance and Financial Inclusion -  Muhammed Meki

Educator:  Muhammed Meki

Position / Institution
: Researcher and Lecturer at University of Oxford

Country: UK

Educator Biography: Meki is a development economist based at the University of Oxford, where he holds a joint position between the Department of International Development and the Centre for Islamic Studies. He is also affiliated with the Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE). He completed his PhD from the Department of Economics, University of Oxford, followed by a post-doctoral research fellowship at Pembroke College Oxford until 2020. He has also completed postgraduate degrees in finance (LSE), economics (Cambridge), and development economics (Oxford). He has conducted fieldwork in Pakistan, Kenya, Bangladesh and Indonesia.

The School: Digital Humanities and Social Sciences School

Course Name: Microfinance and Financial Inclusion

Course Content: 

Course Language: English

Date:  The program is divided into girl and boy student groups. The current calendar can be found here.

Certificate: At the end of the training, participants will be given a certificate of achievement approved by NUN Schools.

Program Fee: 180 ₺ (VAT Included)
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